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Getting More Mileage From Your Replica Handbags

When you have invested in the best replica handbags, you will want to get more mileage from them, particularly in the opportunities to improve their versatility, beauty and functionality. In this regard, you can customize your faux designer bags not only to add your personal touch to them but also to improve their versatile uses. You will find that a little customization will, indeed, result in big enhancements so much so that even old discount bags will have a new lease on life, so to speak.

But before grabbing the first ribbon that comes your way, you should give careful consideration about the color, texture and shape of the customization materials that will be placed on your designer knockoff bags. You shouldn't, for example, glue a dingy patch to your Chanel knockoff bag because the latter's beauty will be significantly compromised.

You will want to spend on high-quality materials for customizing your faux designer bags. When you consider the considerable improvement in your discount bags, your time, energy and money spent on your bag customization projects will be well worth it. 


Grosgrain Ribbons

If your discount bags' chain are beginning to fall apart, you can replace them with a grosgrain ribbon in a color that either complements or contrasts with each bag's specific color scheme. You can also use a grosgrain ribbon as an accent on a bag's metal chain, such as when wrapping the ribbon around the chain or braiding it through the holes.

The steps for replacing entire metal chain straps with grosgrain ribbons are:

You can choose to add charms on the handles for an added feminine touch. 


You can add more class to your faux designer bags by adding relatively affordable designer scarves to the handles. Just think of the possibilities in the combination of a great Chanel knockoff handbag and a colorful original Hermes scarf, which you can buy in thrift shops and the like at an affordable price.

Be sure to wrap the scarf as tightly and evenly as possible around the handle so that it will stay in place even with regular use of the bag. A tight and even wrapping will also look nicer on your faux designer bag and, thus, up the ante on your fashion sense.

But why stop at wrapping a designer scarf around the handles? You can also make a ribbon on the handle or around the bag using a silk scarf – or if you don't have a silk scarf, a bandanna will do just as well, too, especially when you're going for a rock-grunge look for your bag. 

Trompe l'oeil

This is the French art wherein fake things are drawn on real things. You can be as creative as you want in your bag artwork, perhaps even copy your favorite artwork albeit on a smaller scale. You should keep these tips in mind for best results every time you set your imagination to work.

You don't have to be a perfectionist about it either. You can draw anything you like for as long as you will likely be satisfied with the results, whether it's abstract-modernist art or Mother Nature-inspired art. You may also use acrylic craft paint since it sticks well to almost everything including synthetic and natural materials (e.g., leather and cotton).

Indeed, you can customize your replica handbags with just about anything you have on hand – appliques and decals, lace and leather, ribbons and chains, and paint. You will end up with bags that not only speak about your personality but also of your great eye for fashion design. 

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